Mechanical Rides

32' Rock Wall

Trailer mounted 32' - About as life like as you can get! This wall looks like a real large 'rock', with 4 stations, to allow for 4 climbers at the same time. Has an automatic belay system for the ultimate in safety! The tallest 'portable climbing wall' in the State of Illinois!

Dimensions: 40' L X 20 ' W

Electrical Requirements: None

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Combo Express

Our mechanical Combo Express ride rental is a classic favorite. Up to 16 children can ride at once. They will select from 8 different car designs and ride the metal track in a circle. A safety fence offers added protection around the perimeter of the ride.

Electrical Requirements: 110 electric

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El Paso Train

Looks like a real train on a track...only kiddie sized! The El Paso Train has an 18 child capacity and is for children 4' and under. Needs flat surface-grass or pavement.

Dimensions: 30'W X 50'L with fencing.

Electrical Requirements: 110 Electric. 15-20 amps

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Fantasy Train

For both adults and kids as well! This train is on a track and cute, cute, cute! Capacity of 26 riders. All Aboard!

Dimensions: 43' X 14' with fencing.

Electrical Requirements: 110 electric. 15-20 amps

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Mechanical Bull

Can you last 8 seconds like the pros? Give it a try. Our Mechanical Bull will have you and your friends hanging on with all you've got! Our professional operator will control the speed and movement of the mechanical beast while you try to beat out the clock!

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Mechanical Surfboard

Ride the big waves! The experience is just like surfing off the coast of Austrailia, Hawii or California! You will soon forget you are on a mechanical ride rather than wide open water!

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The Spinner

The Spinner is a mechanical ride seats 24-36 participants. This ride has 6 tubs, and it trailer mounted with fencing and gates. A 'GREAT' piece for both kids and adults!

Dimensions: 50' Circle X 18' High

Electrical Requirements: Comes with own generator

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Trackless Trains

Celebration Authority offers a variety of themed trackless trains for rent. An excellent addition to any event, trains can be used to transport guests from parking lots to your event or be used as an amusement/ride at your event. Each train comes with a qualified train engineer.

Dimensions: N/A

Electrical Requirements: None

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Twin Spin

Children and adults alike love Twin Spin. Four people will pump handles to spin themselves in circles. The faster and harder the guests pump, the faster they will spin.

Dimensions: 20' x 20'

Electrical Requirements: 110 electric 20 amps

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